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In A Magical Faraway Land, In A Picturesque Little Village Nestled Among Green Meadows And Rolling Hills, Lives A Flock Of Carefree Sheep. But Their Pastoral And Stress-free Life Is Interrupted When A Pack Of Wolves Sets Up Camp In The Nearby Ravine. In Accordance With Ancient Traditions, The Retiring Pack Leader Magra Announces That His Future Successor Must Prove His Right To Lead By Vanquishing His Rivals. When The Powerful And Blood-thirsty Ragear Steps Forward, The Only Wolf Brave Enough To Challenge Him Is Grey, The Packs Favorite, But A Hopeless Goof Ball. To Become A Leader And Win Back Biancas Love, Grey Goes Off Into The Woods, Where He Discovers A Camp Of Gypsy Rabbits. The Fortune-teller Rabbit Mami Gives Him A Magical transmutation Potion.” Grey Drinks The Potion And Goes Back To The Wolves Den:

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But Finds Out Upon Arrival That He Has Been Transformed Into… A Ram!”
Writers:Andrey Galat, Maksim Volkov
Stars | Cast: Neil Landau (english Version), Ethan Reiff (additional Scenes Written By),Alexander Petrov, Sergey Bezrukov, Elizaveta Boyarskaya
Genre: Animation Movies, Comedy Movies, Family Movies
Run time:1h 25min
IMDb Rating:5.8

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